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Whether your test data definitions are the result of automated metadata parsing or customization, you can easily change those specifications, or any part of the test data design, generation, and population process.

From within the RowGen GUI in IRI Workbench, or in any text editor, you can easily modify:

  • the original metadata or table definitions prior to job creation
  • test value attributes (field specifications in each RowGen script)
  • set file values and random set-file selection methods
  • value generation ranges and distribution (frequency) criteria
  • field-level manipulations and functions applied to the test values
  • target row layouts (e.g., field position and formatting commands)
  • database load utility configurations files or other target details
  • the layout, appearance, and other elements of a custom test report

And because the RowGen GUI is built on Eclipse™, you can use embedded text searches and find/replace functions to search across projects and metadata repositories to facilitate job modification. Distributed metadata management systems like EGit can control data definition (layout) and job control (script) file versions, user access rights, and test data lineage.

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