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Sensitive Data Encryption and Decryption

After defining your input source and metadata, you can choose from the Fieldshield menu of data masking functions in the output target field layout editor illustrated on the previous "Profile" page. The first choice in the drop-down menu is for encryption (or decryption), which brings up this dialog:

The dialog shown abovce will apply format-preserving encryption to the "BUYS.SYMBOL" column in a data source.

The encryption rule dialog supports all the built-in encryption and decryption functions which can be applied at the field level, with or without explicit encryption keys. Additional encryption functions or keys, as well as data masking, hashing, encoding, de-ID, pseudonymization, and other FieldShield masking functions, can apply to other fields at the same time.

For more information about the application of encryption functions in FieldShield, generally, refer to:

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