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How Do I Run SortCL?

SortCL job scripts are called from the command line, in a batch script, through a job scheduler, from a program (as an executable or API call), or via the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™.

The IRI Workbench allows you to import, modify, create, save, print, share, validate, and execute SortCL jobs across the network while providing direct access to your input and output files and tables.

The Workbench integrates graphically with the scripts; changes to either are re-entrant in that they dynamically update in either place. The scripts are serialized in reusable text files that you can run anytime in, or anywhere outside, the GUI.

What about Logging?

Application-level statistics for CoSort SortCL programs can be output with each job, either to the screen or a file. General CoSort system logs target a self-appending file; and debugging information feeds a self-replacing file.

On-screen monitoring options are also available at various verbosity levels for runtime progress assessment.

In addition, XML audit logs help you validate compliance and perform forensic application and data analysis.

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