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The language behind the SortCL program in IRI CoSort and IRI Voracity defines the data layouts and commands for big data manipulation (transformation), conversion (migration), protection (mask, encrypt, etc.), reporting, and test data generation jobs.

SortCL metadata can specify all or part of bespoke solutions for:

  • Data Warehouse Integration & Staging (ETL) in Voracity
  • Data Quality
  • Data Dictionary; e.g., CSV formatted metadata can feed Collibra DGC
  • Reporting; e.g, delta and summary reports, slowly changing dimensions, changed data capture)
  • Data Blending / Preparation for BI tools; e.g., for BIRT in Eclipse
  • Data Masking and Encryption
  • Data Lineage and Impact Analysis; e.g., via EGit or AnalytiX DS Unified Platform
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Testing and Application Prototyping

SortCL data and job definition metadata is used throughout the IRI product line. You can also use the same data layouts to:

  • transform and report on structured data in IRI CoSort
  • protect PII and PHI in database and files with IRI FieldShield or CoSort
  • generate safe test data in the same format in IRI RowGen or CoSort
  • migrate data types, file formats, and database platforms via IRI NextForm or CoSort

The scripts defining these jobs are in open text files that are easy to create, modify, and run anywhere an IRI product is licensed. IRI Workbench GUI users can also create and run the job scripts automatically.

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