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Using the New RDB Search/Masking Job wizard in the IRI Workbench GUI for DarkShield, you can build a job to search and/or mask data in the structured or semi/unstructured columns of any relational database connected through a JDBC driver. See this FAQ to understand the differences between FieldShield and DarkShield when it comes to relational database discovery and masking.

The DarkShield wizard for RDB masking is relatively straightforward. You define a source database to mask, a target database to receive the masked data, and your previously defined data classes to use in the job along with their associated searching methods and masking rules.

The wizard also features several configuration options for the source database, and supports additional search/mask filtering based on JDBC column types. Connection profiles for your source and target databases are required, and these can be set up beforehand in the Data Source Explorer view of Workbench, or created in the wizard.

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