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IRI Data Masking Software in 2018 Market Guide

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Award-Winning Data-Centric Security

Renowned software products in the IRI Data Protector suite or IRI Voracity data management platform will: find, classify, and mask personally identifiable information (PII) and other "data at risk" in multiple sources. Each one will help you comply (and prove compliance) with the CCPA, CIPSEA, FERPA, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, and SOC2in the US, and international data privacy laws like the GDPR, KVKK, LOPD, PDPA and POPI. 

IRI and its authorized partners around the world can help you implement fit-for-purpose compliance and breach mitigation solutions using these technologies if you need help. For more information, link to the products and use cases below. Schedule a free online demonstration or an on-site evaluation here.

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Structured Data Masking

FieldShield finds, classifies, de-identifies, risk-scores, and audits PII in databases and files.

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Dark Data Masking

DarkShield discovers, delivers, deletes and details PII in unstructured file formats.

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Excel® Data Masking

CellShield finds, reports on, masks, and audits changes to PII in Excel sheets.

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Chakra Max monitors, blocks, dynamically masks, and audits users/activity in high traffic databases.

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Understand the capabilities of IRI Data Protector suite tools from the product feature-matrix, and the slide deck and article on startpoint security, linked (click) below.

Data Protector Suite Overview

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Secure Data at its Startpoints

Cybersecurity Sourcebook 2018

IRI Defines Startpoint Security | Outlook Series Listen Now

More Data Security Solutions

Data Masking as a Service

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Let IRI experts handle your data masking needs. Regardless of their format or location, we can help you sift through your data sources to find and secure the PII in them, and provide you with the reports you need to verify compliance.

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Test Data Management

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Use IRI's proven shield tools above, the IRI RowGendata synthesis package, or the IRI Voracity platform, to subset, create, or virtualize safe, intelligent test data in DB, file and report targets for ETL prototypes, DevOps, benchmarking, etc.

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Use Cases

The IRI Data Protector suite's constituent products address:

These data-centric security solutions are also critical complements to device and perimeter (network) security solutions which cannot address insider misuse. Licensing costs depend on which tools, and how many hostname or DB instance licenses, you need.

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